Joining for Jacob


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Joy for Jacob

After we lost Jacob, we decided to celebrate his birthday by sharing the impact he had on our lives with others. Each year around Jacob’s Birthday, we spend the day at the St. Louis Zoo with a group of friends and family who help us to do random acts of kindness to others as they enjoyed the zoo. Each family in our “Joy Army” is given an envelope filled with cash and tickets to the children’s zoo, carousel, or zoo train, and was charged with the task of making other people’s day in honor of Jacob. Each random act is given with a card about Jacob in the hope that others would continue to spread his joy. Money for this day was raised by donations given directly for Joy for Jacob, as well as the sale of t-shirts.

2020 Joy for Jacob Zoo Day: To Be Determined

Details for the 2019 event can be found:

Joy for Jacob T-Shirts will go on sale Spring 2020 for the July 2020 event

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